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    Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Panama, we can manage the whole process for you. If you are selling, we aim to sell your property fast for the maximum possible price for a competitive fee.
         If you are buying, we will take the time to understand your needs and find the most suitable property for you and negotiate aggressively on your behalf for the lowest price.
          Take some time to browse the listings on our website. We only sell properties that we truly believe are good investments for our clients.
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  • Rentals

    Let us remove the stress of being a landlord



    Buying property to rent is a great way to receive monthly returns on an investment that increases in value over time.  The only downside is the daily mundane tasks of contacting tenants and handling maintenance.  Atlantic Pacific will take all the stress and inconvenience of managing the property by offering the following services to our clients:
     - Search and filter all new tenants;
     - Ensure rent is paid on the agreed date and take action for late payments;
    - Manage the local tax and accounting for rental properties;
    - Check all utilities disconnections at the end of a tenancy;
    - Manage all maintenance and repairs using our trusted network of experts.
    You can feel relaxed with the knowledge that your real estate investment is in good hands.
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  • Property Financing

    Why settle for less when you can use a mortgage to buy more!


    Property Financing
    Why settle for less when you can use a mortgage to buy more!
    There are many banks in Panama offering competitive mortgages, and we know exactly what they require to get the best interest rates and maximum amount for property finance. Another difficult part of the mortgage process in Panama is chasing the bank to release the funds and complete the purchase. In other countries, this is not usually a difficult task, but here in Panama it can seriously delay completions and sometimes even stop them altogether. Atlantic Pacific Realtors have the best contact in all the bank and the central registry to ensure there are no unnecessary details to your property purchase.
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  • Legal Services

    Make sure you are covered legally every step of the purchase or sale


    Legal Services

    We strongly advise our clients to seek legal advice when completing a real estate transaction in Panama.  There are a number of things to consider that a lawyer will review before you agree to purchase a property in Panama:
    Outstanding taxes, utilities, building or housing association fees;
    Judgements against the property in the courts;
    Ongoing cases or disputes regarding family or business associates of the owner;
    Bank or other loans secured against the property.
    The lawyer will also review the contract of sale to ensure there are no terms that are unreasonable to you or biased to the seller of the property.
    We have a number of experienced local lawyers that we can refer you at a set fee with no hidden costs.
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  • Investments advisory

    Our experts will help you get maximum profit


    Investments advisory

    Right now there are some excellent buying opportunities in Panama City real estate.  In 2019 the real estate market was starting to feel a squeeze on prices and annual growth due to economic factors and massive growth that was unsustainable from previous years.  When the pandemic hit, it pushed everything over the edge.  Most developers and property sellers are holding out for higher prices, but there are many good deals from motivated sellers and developers.
    If you are cash buyer, we can help you find these type of deals in the most desirable locations in Panama City Center:
     - 2 / 3 bed apartments
     - $1300 - $1700 per sqm
     - Rental yields 6% per annum
     - And based on the discounted price that you are paying for these properties, you should expect to see 5% capital appreciation on the value.
    This is a unique time to buy some excellent real estate at above average returns for Panama
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  • Relocation

    Let us help you get started with your new life in Panama.



    There are so many things to consider when moving to a new country.  We can help you get settled into your new life by assisting with the following:
     - Obtaining resident visas based on your entry status;
     - Drivers license;
     - Utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Internet and Cable;
     - Interior design and installations if you are buying from a new development;
     - Furniture;
    Car purchase or rental.
    Anything you need to get started, just ask and we can help.
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