Natural port from time of Spanish Empire
Talk to anyone about Portobelo, Colon and you'll often receive conflicting opinions on whether it is a good or bad place to vacation.  But if you have the opportunity to visit Portobelo yourself, you will discover an incredible place with a richness in culture and history like nowhere else in Panama.  Added to that the amazing beaches and corals, and you can see why Portobelo is a diamond in the rough for the Province of Colon.
Discover properties in Portobelo
Many Panamanians overlook Portobelo since it sits half way between Colon City and Isla Grande, and they tend to tar them all with the same brush.  It is true that Colon City is in desperate need of redevelopment and Isla Grande is uncomfortably busy on weekends and holidays with daytrippers.  But Portobelo town itself is an oasis of peace and traquility between the other two places.

As soon as you enter the town you feel the history, the small bridges built to carry spanish gold to and from the boats, the old church sitting on the same square since 500 years past.  The lack of investment and development of the town is the main contributor to its historic town.  With very few restaurants or stores, the town has a tranquility not often possible with tourist destinations.


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