Costa del Este
Popular residential and business district outside of the city
Costa Del Este was a previously uninbaited piece of land just outside the main city.  After building the Corredor Sur highway, this area was prefectly positioned to build a new community.  The project was a huge success and this area has grown into a massive business and residential hub over the last 10 years.  All the major multinationals have opened offices here making it a highly popular residential area for ex-pats relocating for work. Discover properties in Costa del Este
This is a city within a city and if you live and work in Costa Del Este there is no real necessity to leave.  The area boasts 3 large malls, dozens of strip malls, all major retail chains and an incredible variety of excellent restaurants.  With beautiful sea views and many open spaces for exercise and recreation, this is a top location for both business and residential.

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