15 Jun

Panama becomes more popular as UK cost of living spirals out of control

If you are reading this article then likely you're looking for a new home and a lower cost of living.  You spent your entire working life paying off your mortgage, and now it's time to enjoy that equity.  Perhaps you're coming up to retirement.  Or maybe lucky enough to work remotely full-time. Either way, it's time to relocate to a warmer climate with lower costs, and there are many countries in Latin America where you can live at a fraction the cost of the UK. If you want to maximize your budget without sacrificing quality of life, Panama is an option that you should seriously consider.

Why choose Panama?

The currency - Panama's currency is pegged exactly to the USD. If you are receiving income from the UK, the last thing you need is the stress of local currency fluctuations decreasing the value of your income every time you transfer from the UK.

The weather - The climate doesn't change much during the course of the year.  It is marginally dryer from December to March, but overall you can expect nice sunny weather all year.

The landscape - Panama has something for everyone.  There are beaches on the Pacific great for surfing and fishing and on the Caribbean with their amazing carols for scuba.  The mountain areas in Boquete and Cerro Azul full of ranches for those who want to ride horses while admiring the view in much cooler climates.

Healthcare - Panama has best clinics and hospitals in Latin America and far cheaper than the UK private health cost.

Shopping - People visit from all over Latin America to enjoy the Panama shopping experience.  There are many indoor malls and outdoor strip malls to cater for all retail needs to suit any budget requirement.

Central Travel Hub - If you want to visit the rest of the Americas, then Panama is perfectly located as a central hub to travel to South America, the Caribbean and the USA.  A great base location to live and explore the rest of the Americas.

Residency Visa - Put simply, Panama wants UK expats to relocate, which is why they make the visa process as simple as possible.  There are low requirements for minimum income or you can buy a property for an investor visa.  Either way, getting a residency vias in Panama to very easy for UK citizens.

But maybe at this point you're asking yourself "Why move to Panama, when I have so many options in Europe?".  It's true, there are many options in Europe with warmer climates, lower cost of living and the added benefit of being closer to UK.  But in some ways those expat communities in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus are just another version of the UK with nicer weather.  That might be enough for some people, but if you are looking for an incredile adventure in a very stable and established economy, then Panama is the place for you.

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